Winstrol Cycle And Dosages For Fat Loss

Winstrol Cycle And Dosages For Fat Loss


This steroid was first discovered in the United States by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962. Bayer, under the name “Stromba”.

This product commonly comes in two forms – tablet and injectables.

It is secondly after Dianabol most abused anabolic steroid in the world due to its amazing performance-enhancing properties

Winstrol(Stanazolol) unlike Dianabol is derived from DHT instead of Testosterone, But it is not highly androgenic and doesn’t cause much androgenic effects like Hair loss are particularly rare which makes it fairly common for women to use Winstrol

Due to its high bio-availability, Stanozolol can be absorbed by the body by a full amount even in the oral form however, note that the product is 17 alpha alkaline.

Winstrol benefits


stanazolol is not a very versatile compound it is usually utilized by athletes and bodybuilders to shreds fat at a rapid rate during the pre-contest week

it is believed that stanazolol give them a very paper skin look, some of the most important benefits user can get from a minstrel cycle are follows

1. Rapid Fat loss

Winstrol is considered one of the best steroids for reducing body fat levels in a shorter amount of time, in a matter of weeks users report to have lost 3-4 percent body fat percentage by the end of 3 weeks with a lot of vascular definition and veins popping out of even the places that one can imagine

But keep in mind winstrol tend to work better on people who are already fit and at a considerable good body fat percentage, if you are someone who is overweight or obese Winstrol will not do much, you will just be peeing out black and dark urine for a few days

2. Improved Endurance

Winstrol is an agonist of the androgen receptor (AR), similar to androgens like testosterone and DHT. Its affinity for the androgen receptor is about 22% of that of dihydrotestosterone.

It enhances endurance significantly that’s why a lot of athletes worldwide use Winstrol and it is also for the same reason banned by WADA and IAAF and other international sports federations Additionally, Stanazolol has been highly restricted in US horse racing.

it is not also easily detectable as the product is 7α-methylated anabolic, it is usually detectable in urine up to 12-15 days after the last day of consumption. The difference between the structure of stanazolol and the other steroids (a pyrazole ring fused to the androstane ring system) is probably the cause of this phenomenon.

3.Improved mood and Focus

Anabolic steroid doesn’t only after the physical composition but they also affect your brain. This is because just like skeleton muscles brain also has androgen receptors

Longer duration of AAS use is associated with poorer memory function and it has been proven by many studies over and over again

But in the short term Winstrol can cognitive functions and may boost an increase in risk-taking behaviours as seen in the case of testosterone

4. increase in muscle mass

If you take stanazolol only for the purpose of increase In lean muscle mass you will be disappointed. Although Winstrol does increase muscle mass you are not going to experience any significant amount of muscle gain that you can experience with A testosterone only cycle or Dianabol.

you can combine Winstrol with testosterone(always recommended)to experience a moderate increase in muscle mass along with a reduction in body fat percentage

If you want to gain muscle fast you should try Dianabol only cycle Read about it here

Winstrol cycle and dosages



Winstrol is usually cycled for 4-6 weeks, some people go up to 8 weeks but that is not advisable at all because it is hepatotoxic

Following protocols are designed considering the best risk to reward ratio and can be modified if needed

it is really important to have separate dosages for people who are just starting out (beginners) and for intermediate and advanced users so this section breaks down the cycle and dosages for all these three categories


week Winstrol
1 10mg
2 10mg
3 15mg
4 15mg
  • TUDCA-300MG
  • FISH OIL-1000MG

TUDCA is a liver support supplement, proven to reduce damage to the liver in clinical studies. Fish oil is used to manage cholesterol and blood pressure, helping to blunt an inevitable spike when taking Winstrol.

Beginners should always Strat with low dosages and work their way up so you know how your body reacts to the compound and cycle length should also be less than 5 weeks(4 weeks optimum)

This cycle will help recomp anyone reducing 5-6 percent or even higher number of fat and building 5-6 pounds of muscle


Week Winstrol
1 15mg
2 20mg
3 25mg
4 30mg
5 25mg
  • TUDCA-500mg
  • FISH OIL-2000mg
  • JOINT SUPPORT-1-2caps

This cycle will result in a significant amount of fat loss up to 6- 7 per cent in just a few weeks along with building 2-4 lbs of lean muscles


week Winstrol
1 25mg
2 40mg
3 40mg
4 50mg
5 40mg
6 40mg
  • TUDCA-500mg
  • MILK THISTLE-200mg
  • FISH OIL-2000mg
  • JOINT SUPPORT-1-3 caps

Some people even go higher as much as 100mg but that’s cycle is only for 2 week pre contest and causes a lot of side effects

Such a high dosage of Winstrol should always be accompanied by testosterone or a low dosage of deca to maintain joint health, as joint dryness is one of the most prominent side effects of Winstrol.

Winstrol Side effects

Side effects of winstrol

Winstrol does not cause a lot of side effects especially because of low androgenic ratings, Androgenic side effects are almost negligible. But everybody reacts differently as everybody is different

Following are the identified side effect of Winstrol-

Winstrol side effects

ACNE-       Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples(very common)
virilization        condition in which a female develops characteristics associated with male hormones (androgens), or when a newborn has characteristics of male hormone exposure at birth. (Rare at High dosages and prolonged use)
hepatotoxicity       Hepatotoxicity is the injury or liver damage caused by exposure to drugs;
Headaches-       A painful sensation in any part of the head, ranging from sharp to dull, may occur with other symptoms. (very common)
Ankle swelling-       due to Winstrol causing dryness in joints(common)
Vomiting-       Not very common but still can happen
Changes in sexual desire-       increased or decreased
Difficulty -sleeping       Due to Winstrol stimulating nervous system can cause difficult sleeping
Nausea-       common

In order to keep and retain your gains and to reverse side effects and damage done by steroid, it is necessary to follow an effective PCT protocol(not just Nolvadex or Clomid)

Read more About: How to do an effective PCT here

we hope you like the article post your questions below in the comments section-


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