Lateral Head Tricep Exercises-Top 6 Exercises for mass


Lateral head of the tricep is very attractive and one of the bigger portion of the triceps and upper arm in order to have fuller and complete arm development it is necessary to have some lateral head tricep exercises in your workout routine

In this article, we are going t discuss how you can maximize your tricep growth with targeting the lateral tricep head in a better way

What is a Tricep?

Lateral tricep head

The lateral head of the tricep is the part of a bigger muscle know as triceps brachii which is located in the upper arms and constitute almost two-third of the upper arm .

In this article, we are going to talk about the best exercises for the lateral head of the tricep that you can add to your training routine and experience great gains

It is also necessary to mention that tricep is an extensor muscle which means unlike the biceps(which is a flexor), the Tricep extends the elbows away from the body

Triceps Muscle is Made up of Three Main muscle heads which are the Long head, Lateral head, and short head of tricep which constitute a minor part of the upper arms

Close grip Bench press

Close grip Bench press

Close grips bench press ranks tops in the list of  triceps exercises done for lateral head of tricep but in fact, close grip bench press docent only target the lateral head but also helps in the overall development of the tricep muscle

the best thing about close grip bench press is it is a compound exercise that gives us the opportunity to load the exercise hence providing more progression

How to do:

Place your body on the bench, with your feet down on the floor. grasp the barbell using your hands about shoulder-width apart. 

You can have them a little further apart however, don’t get closer or the setup will be unstable and you’ll run the risk of getting injured on your wrists. 

Make sure you brace your core and press your shoulder blades in order to stabilize your body. 

Reduce the bar slowly and then press it up vigorously. After that, you can bring the bar toward your sternum. Keep your elbows near your sides in order to highlight your triceps. Don’t bend your back.

This exercise is best done using a spotter particularly if you’re not experienced in the sport However, if you’re flying by yourself, be sure to employ a much lighter weight.

Tricep pushdown

tricep pushdown

Tricep push down is an excellent exercise for lateral head of the tricep and a MUST include in any workout split,It is an isolation exercises so it is important to perform this exercises with good form and avoid putting on weight which is very heavy and adds junk volume

NOTE-this exercises can be performed with ropes or straight bar on machine depends on your personal preference.Generally


how to do:

  1. Take a look at the triceps pulldown cable machine, and grab the cable bar horizontally and rope clip (depending on the equipment the gym uses) using one hand. 1 Adjust the rope grips or bar to just below the chest level.
  2. Utilize the pin-and-place adjustment to choose a weight that is low to begin. Different models of the machine could include additional weighting mechanisms.

If you’re ready to start:


  1. Start by strengthening your abdominals.
  2. Place your elbows at your sides. Place your feet with your feet slightly away from each other. 1
  3. Inhale. Then, push downwards until the elbows extend fully, but not yet in a straight in a locked position. Keep your elbows in the same position as your body. Bend your knees a bit on the pushdown. Resist bending forward. Keep your spine as straight when you push downwards. 1
  4. When you exhale and exhale, you can return to the beginning point with a controlled movement. Make sure not to smack the weights.
  5. For the beginner, aim to finish 4 sets of 8 reps.

diamond push ups

diamond push ups

Diamond push-ups are a great way to increase the size of  your lateral tricep head along with the development of overall tricep musclebest exercise for lateral tricep head

This exercise becomes really important if you train at home  and doesn’t have access to  training equipment or someone who loves to do bodyweight training along with the lateral head this exercise also helps in building mass in your short head of tricep

you can even put weight on your back or do some rest-pause reps to increase the intensity of this exercise

How to do:

Stand on all fours, placing your hands tucked beneath your chest.


Place your thumbs and index fingers in a way that they’re touching, making the shape of a diamond, then move your arms outwards so that your body is raised and creates a straight line starting from the top of your head and ending at your feet.

Bring your chest down towards your hands, making sure that you don’t stretch your elbows too far towards the sides, and keep your back straight. 

Make sure to stop just as your chest is in contact with the floor. Then, push back up to your starting position.



Lateral Tricep Dip

Lateral Tricep Dip

Dips are a great way to develop your chest but did you know they work really well on the triceps too?. Dips can be a great exercise for the triceps if perform correctly with a bit of tweak

The Tweak is that you have to adjust the position of your arms relative to your body to hit your triceps much better by keeping your arms ahead of your chest throughout the exercise.

If you cant perform a dip, you should do some assisted dips with the help of a buddy or on a machine to develop arm strength. 

how to do:

Place it on the edge of a stable chair or it on the edge of a bench for weights it on a step into the chair and grasp the edge next to the hips. 

Your fingers should be pointing towards your feet, with your legs extended and your feet spaced about hip-width apart, with heels touching the floor. Focus your gaze straight ahead, keeping your chin raised.


  1. Push your palms into your hands to raise your body. Then slowly slide forward so that your back clears the edge of the chair.
  2. Then lower your body until the elbows bend between 45-90 degrees. Maintain control throughout the entire range of movement.
  3. Re-inflate slowly to ensure your arms remain straight. Repeat.


Dumbell tricep bench press for triceps

Dumbell tricep bench press for triceps

Dumbell Bench press is a great exercise for triceps as it is a compound exercise that gives us an opportunity to load the exercise progressively on a workout basis

Now this exercise is mostly done for the chest but with slightly modification this can help us target the Lateral head of the triceps 

we are going to switch the grip   outward with palms facing each other while pressing rather than like traditional bench press where palms face fordward

how to do:

  1. lie down on a bench just like you would in a traditional bench press
  2. pinch ur shoulder blades back and traps down
  3. now instead press up like a traditional bench press but with your palms facing towards each other
  4. repeat for reps



If I have to choose one best tricep exercise for the rest of my life that would be it!

Skullcrusher is not only one of the best exercise for the lateral head of your triceps grow but it also helps you overload triceps and increases strength in mass in the tricep muscle

Skull crushers can be done with both dumbells and barbell

How to do:

Place your body on a gym bench that is flat. Your entire body must be sitting on the bench, with the exception of those legs that are lower. 

You’re knees bent, and your feet are placed flat in the ground. Arms are extended to the chest, shoulders are shoulder-width separated (not locked) and both hands are gripping the dumbbell at one end.


  1. Relax your elbows, then lower the weight towards the top of your head. Your upper arms must remain in a straight line with your body. This helps keep the tension off the triceps instead of shifting it towards your shoulders.
  2. Continue to lower the weight behind the head. The dumbbell’s bottom head should be equal to the top of the bench, or maybe a bit higher if you feel it is too heavy.
  3. Repeat the exercise till the load is in front of the chest in the initial starting position. Avoid locking your elbow in order to keep the tension in your triceps muscles.
  4. Repeat.

Tricep workout for lateral head

close grip bench press-4 sets for 10 reps

Skull crushers-4 sets for 15 reps

Tricep dip-3 sets for 12 reps

tricep bench press-3 sets for 12 reps

diamond push ups-3 sets for 12 reps


Building A Great Set Of Triceps Require Time And Effort Along With The Right Set Of Knowledge If You Do The Exercise Stated In This Article You Will Definitely See The Improvements

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