The Most Amazing Calorie Counter!

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The Most Amazing Calorie Counter!

Find out the number of calories you burn through different activities. The calculator considers the kind of exercise you do as well as your basal metabolic rate to calculate the calories you burn which gives you a customized outcome. Knowing how much energy you use in various activities can assist you to lose weight or maintain it.
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How does calorie calculator work??

The energy content in a food item or beverage can be measured as calories.

When we consume excess calories that we don’t need to use up the body stores excess body fat. If this pattern continues and over time, we can gain weight.

For a rough guideline the average man requires about 2500kcal (10,500kJ) per day to keep his body weight in check.

A woman’s average is this figure is about 2500kcal (8,400kJ) per day.

The values may vary based on size, age and the level of exercise as well as other variables.

Calories and balance of energy

Our bodies require the energy needed to keep us healthy and to keep our organs working normally.

When we eat or drink, we inject an energy source into our bodies. Our bodies utilize that energy in the course of everyday activities that includes everything that runs from breathing.

To ensure a steady weight and maintain a healthy body, the energy we inject into our bodies has to be equal to the energy we expend through normal bodily functions as well as physical exercise.

A crucial aspect of a balanced diet is to balance the energy you give your body by balancing the energy you expend.

For instance, the more physical exercise we engage in, the more energy we burn.

If you consume a lot of energy in one day, do not be concerned. Simply try to absorb less energy in the next days.

Take care of your body its the only place where you have to live!