Testosterone Propionate Cycle for Superhuman Gains!


Testosterone Propionate Cycle for Superhuman Gains!

Testosterone Propionate Cycle for Superhuman Gains!

Propionate, a fast-acting testosterone ester, is found in Testoviron(r).testosterone propionate vs cypionate

In the beginning stages of a cycle, Testosterone propionate can produce remarkable gains.

testosterone propionate benefits

It kicks in quickly, but it is not the fastest form of testosterone. Suspension is superior in this regard.

Propionate is rapidly absorbed so frequent injections are necessary to maintain high testosterone levels. Propionate should be administered every other day.

Many users find that injecting testosterone propionate can cause pain. They often feel sore or have to walk a lot after the injection.

Before we dive deep into testosterone propionate let’s first understand the different types of testosterone esters available in the market.

Different types of Testosterone


These are the 4 most common esters of tests:

  • Testosterone suspension
  • Testosterone propionate
  • Testosterone enanthate
  • Testosterone cypionate (aka depo-testosterone)

As they are all effective, no ester is better than any other.The speed at which they kick in and the time it takes for each ester to be cleared from the body will vary.

Testosterone Suspension

Because test suspension is fast-acting (it’s pure testosterone in water), it is not recommended for beginners. It requires frequent injections (2x per day) to maintain high serum testosterone levels.testosterone propionate benefitstestosterone propionate vs cypionate

Because the suspension is larger than micronized crystals, these injections can be painful and irritating.

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone propionate is another fast-acting ester, albeit slower than suspension. Because of its high price, this ester is not as popular. Propionate is not as popular as it once was due to its high price. However, propionate can be dosed at 100 mg/ml instead of 250mg/ml which is the usual test dosage.testosterone propionate vs cypionate

Therefore, you will need to pay2.5xThis price is for a standard testosterone cycle. The cost of test propionate is approximately 50% more than other esters.testosterone propionate vs cypionate

Many bodybuilders choose to use propionate instead of painful injections.

Testosterone Enanthate & Cypionate

Cypionate and enanthate are two of the most well-known forms of testosterone. They are made up of longer esters that take longer to kick in.

Users only have to inject once per session.4-5 DaysYet, they can still experience the same gains at a cycle’s end as the faster esters.testosterone propionate vs cypionate

Testosterone cypionate has been a popular drug in the US since its introduction. It is not widely available worldwide so it has become a local favourite.

Cypionate injections can cause less irritation than enanthate for some users.testosterone propionate vs cypionate

Benefits of test prop

side effects of test prop

The general benefits of testosterone proionate are similar to those from any other testosterone ester.testosterone propionate benefits

When taking testosterone for the first-time, users can expect to gain approximately 20 lbs of lean muscle and some fat loss.

Your strength will increase dramatically over the first few weeks. Then, it will continue to rise until the end.testosterone propionate benefits

Propionate has a distinct advantage over slower esters like enanthate and cypionate, which take longer to kick in.

The end result is the same regardless of which testosterone ester you use. They are all the same steroid, they just peak at different times.

side effects of test prop

low testosterone levels.

Testosterone plays a very important role in maintaining healthy testicular functions and libido. If testosterone levels are low, it can have an impact on the body’s ability to produce normal amounts of sperm.testosterone propionate benefits

Men are typically unable to achieve and maintain a normal erection due to low testosterone levels.

However, as with the other ingredients in Testosterone Propionate, there is a possible danger of low testosterone levels from taking too much of the hormone.

This is particularly relevant if the user already has a history of kidney disorders, diabetes, enlarged prostate, or hypoglycemia.

These disorders can affect how much testosterone propionate is absorbed by the bloodstream, which in turn will reduce its levels and increase the likelihood of side effects.

If you suffer from any of these conditions you should seek medical advice before beginning any course of treatment.


One of the commonest side effects of testosterone propionate is acne.

This is because it is so easily absorbed into the body through skin creams and lotions.

There are some topical treatments on the market that claim to have a quick-acting effect on acne, but they cannot work when used over extended periods.

The only effective ways of dealing with acne when using testosterone injections are to apply them directly to the acne or have them injected afterward.

Long-term use of this product could lead to thinning of the skin or acne scarring.

If you do suffer from acne and have used this product over a long period of time, then you should contact your doctor for advice.

Hair growth

Another effect that can occur when taking testo prop is excessive hair growth.

This effect is most commonly seen in elderly men who have just begun to undergo hormone replacement therapy.

Unfortunately, this effect can also be seen with younger men who are undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.

The only effective ways to prevent excessive hair growth when taking testosterone cypionate are not to cycle in the months prior to starting your cycle and not to cycle during your period.

other side effects

LDL cholesterol levels are likely to rise and HDL cholesterol levels to fall when you take any steroid.

However, it is worth noting that testosterone is one the least harmful steroids for negatively impacting cholesterol. 

This means that blood pressure can rise but it is manageable if you take moderate doses for a reasonable amount of time.

To control BP, bodybuilders can supplement with fish oil. They can take 4 grams of fish oil per day during a cycle.

It is possible to have water retention, bloating, and/or gynecomastia all because testosterone is estrogenic.

Despite testosterone causing some fat loss (due to its androgenic nature stimulating lipolysis); it is mainly used when bulking. Many users don’t mind temporary, smooth, or watery looks.

To reduce the chance of gynecomastia, a SERM (such nolvadex), may be used. Anti-aromatase inhibitors (AI) are not recommended because they can

increase cholesterol and blood pressure. This is due to estrogen having a positive effect upon HDL cholesterol.

Some users may experience oily skin or acne. This is due to testosterone’s powerful androgenic properties, which cause an increase in sebum production.

Elevated DHT levels can cause hair loss or even recession.

The hair may thicken again after a DHT drop, but this is not likely in long-term, regular steroid-users.

It may seem paradoxical that testosterone can cause your natural testosterone to crash. This is true, as it is with all anabolic steroids. The body detects exogenous testosterone and stops natural production to maintain homeostasis.

After a cycle is over, users will have shut down their endogenous testosterone. A PCT can help restore testosterone to the required levels. A PCT that is effective can often restore hormone function within four weeks. Low testosterone levels may persist for many months without a PCT.


Testosterone Prop vs Undecanoate

Undecanoate, the oral testosterone version, is also known as Testocaps or Andriol.testosterone propionate benefits

For those who wish to enjoy the benefits of testosterone, but don’t want to inject, undecanoate is the best alternative.

Test undecanoate also has a fast action, with testosterone levels peaking in approximately five hours.

Although undecanoate can be taken orally, it is not toxic to the liver. It is absorbed through the lymphatic system.

There is one major advantage to testosterone propionate over undecanoate. Andriol is the most expensive steroid on the market.

Test cypo and enth and prop

The body. It takes only a few hours for the body to metabolize free testosterone. The best way to mimic this natural product is to give it to the body through intravenous injection.testosterone propionate benefits

That is why We are forced to look at other options because this is not practical.

All ester molecules include Cypionate and Enanthate. Sustanon is a mixture of multiple ester molecules in one bottle.

Testosterone Enanthate simply refers to the testosterone molecule that has the Enanthate ester attached. The Enathate ester is able to last for approximately 7 days, meaning that the body will need 7 days to completely eliminate the testosterone it has injected. This allows a user to inject testosterone once per week and still maintain high levels.

Within 4 hours of injection, estrogen less testosterone is gone.

If you had two men injecting testosterone

One man inject 100mg testosterone enanthate while the other injects 100mg esterless testosterone

The injector of esterless testosterone would be gone in about 4-8 hours, as his body had already metabolized all the testosterone.

The man who had testosterone enanthate injected would still have half the testosterone in his blood seven days later.

Can you see how estrogens influence the amount of testosterone and steroid molecules that remain in our blood?

The half-life of Testosterone Enanthate is approximately 7 days.

Half-life for Testosterone Cypionate is approximately 6 days.

The half-life of Testosterone Propionate is approximately 2-3 days.

Sustanon is a mixture of testosterone esters. It’s more complicated to release into the bloodstream. This is not a disadvantage.

People who aren’t comfortable with injections will find Enanthate and Cypionate beneficial because they can be injected once or twice per week, which will result in stable levels of testosterone.

Propionate is an option for people who are comfortable with injections but want to feel the testosterone working faster. Propionate must be injected every other day, but it hits the bloodstream faster and causes a quicker onset.

For example, if someone wanted to do a 6-week steroid cycle Testosterone propionate would be better because it has a higher blood concentration than Enanthate.

In many ways, testosterone enanthate is similar to cypionate. Both are slow-acting and injections should be given once every 4-5 days, as opposed to propionate’s requirement of every 2 days.

Propionate will not produce the same results as propionate due to its slower nature.

Enanthate and Cypionate are more pleasant than cypionate, and users report less irritation and soreness.

Enanthate/cypionate can be more cost-effective than propionate over the long term.

A bottle of propionate may be cheaper, however, it’s dosed at 100mg per 1ml, compared to 250mg per 1ml (for enanthate/cypionate).

Propionate is therefore significantly more expensive when you calculate the cost per milliliter.

For good reason, enanthate and cypionate remain the most loved esters. They produce the same results and are less trouble than propionate.



Because it is expensive and can be painful to inject, Testosterone propionate should not be recommended.

Propionate may be used in certain circumstances, such as when the user needs it to quickly clear their system.

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