On Pro Gainer Vs Serious Mass Who Is The Winner?


On Pro Gainer Vs Serious Mass Who Is The Winner?

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on pro gainer vs serious mass


on pro gainer vs serious mass

What’s the first thing you think about when you think of gym supplements? 

Supplements such as protein shakes can help you lose weight. It’s not all about losing weight, though.

Many people have difficulty gaining weight. Mass gainers are here to help. Mass gainers were created to assist those who are thin.

Mass gainers can be a great supplement for people who are always underweight. These are recommended for those with a strong metabolism.

for gaining gain weight Mass Gainers might be something you should consider purchasing.

on pro gainer and on serious mass are two of the best mass gainers in the fitness industry and certainly, the bests made by optimum nutrition so far.

on serious mass and on pro gainer overview

The Higher The Bar Scores The Better!

on pro gainer vs serious mass
on pro gainer vs serious mass
Serving size
Protein Quality
Carbs Quality and Quantity
Fat content and Quality
Serving size
Protein Quality
Carbs Quality and Quantity
Fat Content And Quality

on serious mass and on pro gainer ingridents breakdown


Pro gainer has fewer calories per serving which are 650 whereas serious mass has a whopping 1250 calories per serving which is a huge  amount of calories to consider

To gain weight, you must eat more calories than your body burns. If you want to quickly gain weight, aim for 300-500 calories per daily above your maintenance level of or 700-1,000 calories for fast and rapid weight gain

Between 250 to 500 seems to be a good spot

on pro gainer

Considering the number of calories it has it would be suitable for a person who is already at a good but not so good level of physique and wants to bulk up or want o gain muscle with least amounts of fat

Super mass gainer

Super mass on the other hand has a lot of calories per serving and huge serving size to almost acts as a meal substitute

If u are someone who is very skinny or an offseason bodybuilder then serious mass can b your go-to product as it has higher carbs calorie content.


protein quality

When combined with resistance exercise, an increase in protein intake can lead to greater strength, and greater muscle mass gains which allow for greater muscle preservation during times of negative energy balance reduces age-related muscle loss but also provides a smaller muscle…

pro gainer has 60grms of protein per serving whereas serious mass has 50 grams but considering the fact it has a lot of carbs and calories the number seems alright

it’s important to look if the protein is whey protein isolate or concentrate


On pro gainer

Pro gainer definitely beats the serious mass over protein quality cause most of the protein in pro gainer is whey isolate(check the label) rather than concentrate.

Now is concentrate whey protein bad?

Well, whey concentrate is not necessarily bad but it’s a cheap form of protein that is easy to make and hasn’t gone through any filtration, it contains a lot of milk solids and stuff of which frankly am not a very big fan of neither should be you..

on serious mass

Most of the protein content of on serious mass is whey protein concentrate(it’s not said but the reason they have put concentrate before isolate tells us that this is almost the case.)

If it has isolated protein content it would have been a bingo and serious mass has already won the battle of mass gainers.

carbs quality and quantity

Carbohydrates are essential for muscle building. They’re protein-sparing which means that the body uses glycogen to build energy, instead of using muscle tissue. Post-workout carbs can help prevent muscle loss and repair.

Complex carbs are the body’s main source of energy. The body uses protein to get fuel if carbs aren’t available.

Glycogen is the storage form of carbohydrate, which can be used as an energy source when it is needed. However, dietary protein is not meant to be stored in your body as an energy source.

The body uses energy to break down muscle tissue in order to obtain the amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. These amino acids can then be broken down into glucose, which is used to produce energy.

This is why carbs are good for muscle tissue conservation. They provide energy and help prevent protein loss. The body uses carbs to get energy. If carbs are not present, your muscle gains can be lost.


On pro gainer

pro gainer has 85 grams of carbs with 7 grams of added sugar for flavoring.1.3.1 Protein to Carbohydrate Ratio with Every 165g Serving 60g Blended Protein and 85g Carbohydrate.

On serious mass

The Serious Mass boasts a staggering 1 to 5 protein-to-carbohydrate ratio. Every 334g serving contains 50g of mixed protein and 252g carbohydrates.

Serious mass is more o a product for skinny guys who just wanna gain weight quickly and due to high carb content they will not be only able to gain weight but also build great amounts of muscle

however, the user should be careful about stomach and digestive issues along the way such as a stomach upset insulin sensitivity

You should slowly increase your carbs intake rather than suddenly pouring in so much carbs!


High-quality mass gainer supplements have lower fat levels than those that are less expensive and use more sugar and fat to increase calories. Mass gainers will often contain between 3g and 15g of essential/good oils.

Both mass gainers contain low amounts of fat. The Pro Gainer has almost twice the amount of fat per serving than Serious Mass.

on pro gainer

pro gainer has more fat content than serious mass although its calories are also less.

A small amount of fat such as it is usually accepted in mass gainers as it adds calories and fats is also necessary for various other purposes such as protection from the cold that you will understand as a hard gainer!

on serious mass

it’s great that serious mass has lesser fat than pro gainer although it has more calories which makes it perfect for carbs loading

Taste and Mixibility

Mass gainers, unlike other pure whey isolate shakes, are well-known for being one of the most delicious supplements on the market. This is due to their high carbohydrate count. In terms of mixing, they are also easier to use.

pro gainer

There are a variety of dairy flavors available that will please. It is slightly awkward to have 165g of it plus the recommended 450ml of water in a 600ml shaker.

it may not taste as good as serious mass cause it has low carbs content and is also whey isolate dominated but it doesn’t mean it will be less satisfying!

on serious mass

This one is loved by many for its delicious taste. It contains 252g of carbohydrates per serving. 

You can find it in similar flavors as the Pro Gainer. It is extremely difficult to mix because of its huge 334g serving and 700ml water requirements.

it’s a better idea to divide it into two servings or add it in between meals

so who is the winner?

as we have seen the performance of both mass gainers in various aspects as well as their disadvantages

So if you are someone who will want to gain as much weight as possible and be happy with fat gains along the way on serious mass is your go-to

but if you are someone who is less focused on the weight scale and is happy with lean slow muscle gains and wants to control fat gains pro gainer is your go-to mass gainer

what do you think about both the mass gainers’ comment and let me know!

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