How To Gain Lean Mass-8 Tips to Build more Lean Muscle


what is Lean Muscle?

A Lean muscle is often a term used to describe skeleton muscle tissue which is made up of individual muscle fiber.Lean mass, Lean mass

Unlike fatty muscles which are Surrounded by Adipose tissue or Fat cells and Hold water which makes them look more puffy and full. Lean muscles are also more metabolically Active as they are made up of contractile proteins Which consume Energy in Order to work efficiently and perform their normal functions.


Eat a lot of Proteins, Train beyond failure on every exercise session, and train every muscle group twice and you will end up with a lot of lean muscle mass This is what those regular blog posts tell you right?

Well if building lean muscle would have been that much easy then everybody has been roaming around with monster-looking biceps and broad lats but unfortunately it is a little more complicated than that!

In this Blog Post, we are going to break this complicated process into 8 steps that will give you an edge in muscle building especially in gaining “lean” Mass with as little as fatness as possible however a little fat mass is expected

1.Don't Consume fats and carbohydrates togeother

One of the worst mistake people make is to combine these two food groups, it is one of the sure ways to put fats around your waist and will not help you with your goal of building lean muscle mass

Because carbs are highly insulin spiking and when someone eats anything which has carbs it increases insulin sensitivity and allows food elements from blood to enter into cells

so when carbs spike insulin along with the carbohydrates FAT also enters the cell and is converted to adipose tissue rather than for muscle building

2.take Ashwagandha for Lean muscle gains!

Building on lean muscle is hard and the body doesn’t want to do it because it cost energy and energy is precious

Ashwagandha is a plant root powder that has been shown in many research to boost Testosterone levels up to more than 110% and if you want to put on lean muscle you certainly want to have more testosterone around to help you with your Goal

Read more about Ashwagandha HERE

3.exercise intensity

in order to spike muscle protein synthesis and to build lean muscles, it becomes crucial to put a great amount of effort into the gym and push every single workout

You should at minimum Train at 75% of your 1RM on exercises and continue to get better at them week by week adding progression


4.Eat more protein for building lean muscle tissue

Yes, I know you may be thinking I have read that in thousand of articles around the internet but in reality, it is TRUE that in order to build muscle you have to eat a diet high in protein, your protein should come from good quality protein sources

Protein is necessary to maintain your body in an anabolic state IE-Muscle building mode without protein or low amount of protein in the diet you are going to burn existing muscles for energy

Protein is also necessary for protein synthesis which is a significant factor in building lean muscle tissue so eating between 1-1.5 pounds per pound of body weight would be a good strategy

Read more about protein HERE

5.Low stress

This factor is highly underrated in the fitness community but it contributes such a big part to not just muscle building but overall well being

stress stimulates a hormone call cortisol which is basically a catabolic hormone means it breaks down muscle for energy and other purposes

it also shuts down GH and Insulin which contribute to building muscle tissue

so keep the stress down boys!

6.train each muscle 2x week

Unless you are enhanced or using certain compounds to enhance muscle recovery and gain muscle mass it is not much benefit to training one body part 1x per week cause it basically lessens the growth opportunities for each body part

Various studies have shown that muscle recovers in almost 48-72 hours after training so we can target that muscle again for growth but the important part here to consider is to check the intensity and not overtrain less frequent meals

sounds the opposite of Frequent advice?

unless you are a super hard gainer who aims at building mass(fat accepted) it is not a good idea to eat very frequently as it can cause various issues like insulin resistance and BP problems in the long run

Eating too frequently also suppresses Growth Hormone levels as insulin contradicts growth hormone so it would be a better idea to consume between 3-4 meals a day, with the optimal amount of proteins

8.adequate rest

last but not least is taking adequate rest to let your muscles grow and recover, your muscles don’t grow while you workout but rather they grow when you rest

studies around the world are now showing that workout without 7-9 hours of sleep goes to basically worthless which is a huge statement

so always have good amounts of rest throughout the day for better recovery of muscles and overall well being

I hope you like the articles don’t forget to comments your thoughts below!

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