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Shoulder exercises,Shoulder workouts

Shoulders are one of the Body parts which is found to be Most attractive, A great set of good looking delts beats everything from taking your shirt out on the beach to just walking around in street nobody can ignore the allure of greatly build Shoulders

Today we are going to teach you how you can achieve those big shoulders with understanding the function of shoulders, muscles and a few key exercises that will help you achieve those great looking delts in a Matter of months so you can up your ladies game


For building a great set of shoulders its really important to understand how the shoulders work, so we can target them better and efficiently

The shoulder joint is formed by the articulation of the head of the humerus with the glenoid cavity (or fossa) of the scapula. This gives rise to the alternate name for the shoulder joint – the glenohumeral joint.

Basically, the Shoulder itself consists of three Major heads Which are Know as Anterior(front delts), Lateral(side delts), and posterior(rear delts) most of the functions of the shoulder joint are performed by one of these three muscle heads

shoulder Function

Understanding the function of shoulder muscle is really important In order to train the with right exercises following are the function of shoulder muscle.

Shoulder exercises,Shoulder workouts

1. Anterior-Raise arm in front of the body and push upward

2. Medial-Raise arm sideways and push upward

3. Posterior-Extension of the arm behind the body and Rowing

Shoulder Workout elements

Shoulder exercises,Shoulder workouts

Now as you know how shoulder muscles work and what function they perform its now time to take into consideration the other important training elements before moving to exercise, some of these Important elements are following

training frequency

Training frequency is an important element in weight training or any type of physical training, some trainers and athletes considered it to be the most important part of training

It is really important to have an optimum training Frequency that is enough to spark growth in new muscle cells and does not lead to overtraining

The shoulder is A big muscle Group consist of many small muscles so it would be a great idea to train the shoulder at least 2-3x a week, going more than that will not produce a significant effect and will most probably lead to overtraining as you will also be hitting shoulder with another muscle group such as chest

A workout program that allows the shoulder to train at least 2x a week and allows enough time to recover would be a great training split

training intensity

In order to grow 3d looking big shoulders, it’s important to train them hard with optimum intensity to speak growth in both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers

That docent mean you lift weight like a crazy monster with the worst form possible, don’t confuse intensity with heavyweight, You can get a great intense workout with lightweight after which you will barely be able to walk

If you are a beginner you don’t need to train with a lot of intensity you can get a great workout and gains by putting a few reps in the tank but if you are someone who has been training for a few years and has gained experience in training it becomes really important for you to not just train to failure but go a little beyond it

training volume

Training volume is the amount of work your shoulders are performing in the entire week

Volume has a theoretical sweet spot that moves over time. Depending on things like your genetics, experience, and current status (stress, sickness, mood, etc.) there is an amount of volume that will lead you towards your training goals.

Shoulder exercises,Shoulder workouts

As you can see from the graph above 7-9 sets of a muscle group seems to be the sweet spot for muscle hypotrophy and as you move towards higher numbers it leads to overturning but these numbers are not true for everybody some can get great gains at a lower volume and some need even more sweet volume spot seems to be different for everybody as you continue to train you will be able to determine what works better for you

  • The right range of volume will lead you towards your gains. This is the goldilocks zone
  • Too little volume and you might lose gains you’ve made.
  • Too much volume will grind you down and lead long term to lose gains in one way or another.

Exercise variation

The body adapts to the stress which is put on it so it becomes really important to switch things up in a while

This switching up doesn’t have to be changed in a workout routine but rather small changes such as changing the exercise order and the grip on certain exercises like instead of dong regular overhead press you can switch to a behind the back version and so forth to keep a fresh but this switching up doesn’t have to be too often cause then it can impair the adaptation process

In the case of shoulders, great exercise variation will include all major heads of the shoulder muscle

when changing the exercise for variation keep in mind what you are taking out and what you are putting in forex.if you are changing overhead press then you have to put in an exercise which is compound and work the whole shoulder muscle like the seated shoulder press, don’t take out a compound exercise and put an isolation exercise at its place

Best Shoulder exercises

Shoulder exercises,Shoulder workouts

1. Overhead Press

When it comes to Shoulders Nothing beats this Classic compound exercise,

The overhead press is one of the most important and great mass building exercises for not only developing your deltoid muscles but your whole upper body

An overhead press can be done seated or standing depending on the goal of the exercise, for example, if the goal is to build muscle it would be best to do this exercise with a slow and controlled motion to isolate the deltoids whereas if the goal is to build strength a little bit momentum from legs can be Taken


2. lateral shoulder Raises

This exercise targets the medial portion of the shoulder better than any other exercise out there, it can be done with cables dumbbell, or even a barbell

it is still one of those old school exercises that never fails to add great amounts of lean mass to your side delts and one form of it either done with a dumbbell, barbell or cables should always be included in a workout

Following is a tutorial that shows how to do a dumbbell side raise

3. Seated Arnold press

This exercise hits all three heads of the shoulder muscle and is developed and used by the legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger

This exercise is different from the ones above because it allows users to sit down rather than standing up and eliminate all the momentum which you can possibly get also slows you to push harder as your back is supported by the bench

4. Upright row

Now this exercise is a bit controversial in the fitness industry as some people think that upright row promotes bad posture by working in a bad range of motion but this is certainly not the case if done properly this exercise can give you a lot of benefits and certainly it is a great mass building exercise

Upright row Target all major head of the shoulder muscle and as being a compound exercise it gives the person a chance to lead to a certain extent where the form is not compromised

Watch the video below to learn how to do this exercise properly as a poorly executed upright row can lead to a large set of problems so it’s worth watching a minute


Building a great set of shoulders require a lot of hard and discipline along with the right sets of exercises and proper Nutrition(Learn more) if you correctly follow the advice and information given in his article you will definitely achieve your goal of aching a great set of shoulder

don’t forget to comment below your doubt and ideas that you think helps in developing a great set of shoulders



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