Here’s How To Stay Healthy During Flu Season!


As the end of summer turns into fall and winter starts to push back into our laps,

 The flu season is upon us once again and with it the many things to avoid during flu season. Flu seasons come on strong every year in September and December and start off slow in the spring. Usually, the start of the flu season is usually in October or November. It is important to make sure you are prepared for the cold and flu season.

We all know that the flu is one of the worst types of seasonal flu to come along.

With children turning six and seven years old, it’s important for kids to get plenty of flu prevention every year so they won’t be as influenced by the virus as older adults or older children.

Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy during flu season:

- Strengthen your immune system

with good nutrition. This means you need to avoid eating outside if you have to, and you need to wash everything thoroughly, from hands to surfaces.

This will not only prevent the spread of the virus, but it will also keep you from spreading it to others.

If you do come in contact with someone who is sick, it’s important to wash their hands as soon as possible. Doing so not only helps reduce the spread of the virus, but it can also help to keep you feeling better so you don’t develop the common side effects of poor hygiene and eating out.

-Eat well

Eat well during flu season. Since you likely will not be eating out, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re getting good nutrition at home to keep your body functioning well.

Eating right will help keep your energy up and your immune system strong so you don’t end up developing more serious problems or complications down the line.

- Wash your laundry.

Lots of laundry goes down the drain each day. Unfortunately, laundry is one place where many people skip or neglect to wash. To make sure you and your family stay healthy, make sure you have a reliable laundry service or washroom in your home. This will give you peace of mind and reduce the chances that you’ll end up spreading bacteria or other germs.

- Get enough sleep.

Getting eight hours of sleep every night is a healthy ideal. Not only does it help your mental health, but it can help you fight off the fatigue that often comes with a busy lifestyle.

Sleep will keep your immune system strong and allow you to feel good, even while your body is fighting off the flu. Taking a nap when possible is a good idea to help you understand how to stay healthy during flu season.

-Clean your home.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s actually very easy to miss.

If you want to know how to stay healthy during flu season, you have to make sure that you and all of your household pets are kept clean.

Toys should also be disinfected, but you need to be very careful with that. Always put the toys in the box before you leave them.

There are things to avoid during flu season that will help keep you from becoming a victim to illness this flu season.

Here's How To Stay Healthy During Flu Season!

Things to avoid in flu

The number one thing to avoid during flu season is anything that has caffeine in it.

If you drink coffee or caffeinated soda, you should try to cut back or remove those items from your daily diet. Caffeine can be dehydrating to your body, Caffeine can also make you snore, so you want to avoid caffeine if you are prone to snoring.

Also, caffeine tends to bring on fatigue and make you feel sluggish, which is one of the common flu symptoms.

You should also avoid alcohol and decaffeinated tea or at least try to moderate them

Hard or jagged food items should also be avoided, such as shellfish and hard cheese. Hard or jagged food items cause sharp pains and inflammation around the area where they touch the mucous membrane of the lungs.

Sugar -is another substance to avoid. It also makes you sluggish and can dehydrate you, so it would be wise to limit your sugar intake and stick to natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup.

Dairy products, Many people are confused about dairy products; they have all sorts of different types of food products in them that may not have the Flu Season in them. They may also contain a lot of preservatives that you should definitely cut out of your diet.


One common myth is that fruits and vegetables ward off the virus. This is simply untrue! The most important thing you can do to prevent getting Flu Season is to make sure your immune system is strong enough to fight off any viruses that come your way. If you do not have a strong immune system, you will easily succumb to colds or other sicknesses that peak during flu season.

Recreational drugs like marijuana and heroin, illegal drugs, and prescription medicines are all things to avoid during flu season. These substances are not good for your health. If you become sick often or are dependent upon these substances, you should consult with your doctor to make sure you stay healthy and safe. You may find it helpful to also share this information with others who use or suffer from these substances.

Finally, if you are traveling, make sure that you practice extreme caution. You should always carry along a sufficient supply of flu vaccines. If you are abroad, it is important to seek medical attention immediately if you develop any symptoms. By not taking these measures, you could easily make yourself sick and bring on the Flu.

These are just a few of the things you can avoid during flu season. There are plenty more. Remember that prevention is far better than cure. If you do not want to get the Flu, learn how to ward off its onset. There is no reason for you to get sick and end up causing the rest of the world a bad enough shot. Take care of yourself before you end up causing a bad situation for everyone else.

Bottom line

These tips aren’t meant to cure or treat any illness, like the flu.

They are simply a way to reduce the impact that you have on your body. With some simple planning, you can make your home ready for the hustle and bustle that come with flu season.

There will still be times when the flu bug will find a way to stick around, but being prepared will help you minimize the impact. Being healthy isn’t always easy, but with the tips above, you can make it a little bit easier.


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