Does Testosterone Make You Taller?


Testosterone and height is a really complex relationship but fairly easily to understand although it is believed by many people that testosterone stunts growth and causes dwarfness

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the body. It’s responsible for stimulating a number of bodily functions, including height growth. It’s also responsible for a healthy heart, good skin, and stronger muscles. But does testosterone make you taller?.

Testosterone is responsible for many desirable physical functions but direct relation between testosterone and height growth has not be shown completely.

It’s true that testosterone is responsible for body fat and muscle growth, but it’s also responsible for facial and body hair.

Although testosterone doesn’t make you taller, as a primary function of it but it  can increase your chances of having a developed and healthy body

During puberty, when testosterone levels rise, a boy’s skeleton grows much faster than a girl’s. As a result, a boy’s height can increase up to two inches per year. This growth is similar to a girl’s, but it’s accelerated in boys.

During puberty, your body produces growth hormones, such as testosterone. These hormones are crucial for your body to grow and develop. In addition to making you taller, they can also make you thinner.  Testosterone can also make you lose fat.

in order to fully understand how testosterone and height is correlated with each other lets dig a bit deeper!

how do we grow taller?

Growing taller is one of the most essential process that we go through as a human being, vernally it starts when a person hits the puberty along with many changes that might occur

Despite popular belief, only about 20% to 40% of our height is influenced by environment. Although genetics determine 60% to 80% of our height, diet, and exercise have a big role

Growth plates are areas of cartilage that children find at the ends of long bones (e.g., the femur or tibia). The growth of bone from the growth plates is what makes these bones grow. These bones are soft and susceptible to injury during child development. This is an area of bone that can be weaker than surrounding tendons or ligaments

What does a Growth Plate do?

Growth plates are one of the ways bones grow. Each long bone usually has two growth plates. They increase the length and width of the bone.

The growth plates become solid bone as kids get older. closed growth plate is one that has fully hardened into solid bones. The bones stop growing after a growth plate is closed.

epiphyseal plate

What time do Growth Plates close?

The end of puberty is when growth plates close. This is usually when girls are 13-15 years old; it’s typically when boys turn 15-17 years old.

growth plates of some bones may close earlier then other and in some people there is still a growth potential till 21-22 years old

can u grow after growth plates have closed?

An adult cannot grow in height after the growth plates are closed. There are many ways that a person can look taller. You can also take preventative steps to avoid height loss as you age.

some people think that they can grow tall by taking growth hormone but actually when the growth plates have closed growth hormone will only thicken the bone and increase bone density rather than increasing length of the bone itself..

does testosterone or estrogen play a role in height growth?

testosterone doesn’t have direct relation but some people believe high testosterone can lead to growth plates shutting down early on!

research has also proven the fact that using Anti AI improves high outcomes in teens which points to the fact that estrogen in high quantities specially in men will lead to growth stunt

Estrogen in high quantities will lead to stunt growth in adolescents especially men..

bottom line

Although testosterone doesn’t directly affect health there is no harm in maintaining healthy testosterone levels by daily exercising for some time and proper nutrition

Excessive heavy lifting should be avoided during puberty as it can interfere with the natural growth of the child

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