6 oz Chicken Breast contains how much protein?

6 oz Chicken Breast contains how much protein?

Do you ever get confused when asked, “How much protein does 6 oz Chicken breast contain?” When you hear that question, it may strike you as odd.

After all, no one wants to consume chicken breast that has been sitting on the shelves of a grocer’s store for six months or more! But, did you realize that you actually do have options when it comes to choosing the right source of protein?

In fact, the chicken breast is high in protein and contains the highest percentage of fats in comparison to other types of meats.

Chicken breasts can be seasoned with herbs like rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, etc. to add that extra zing to the dish.

Most of the herbs can be found outside, while some are only available in supermarkets. Since the chicken breast is lean meat, it is also high in protein.

Protein content in 6 oz Chicken Breast

6 oz of Chicken breast contains almost 38.2 grams of protein and 4.4 grams of fat It contains about 22% protein, which is more than most other meats.

It is also a rich source of vitamin A, B, C, and E which are beneficial for the body.

However, not every chicken breast has the same nutritional value. Some contain higher levels of these nutrients, while others have lower ones. This is because of differences in the way meat is processed.

While most chicken is available without undergoing any special processing, some meat is subjected to more processing.

Chicken breasts are a prime example of this, as they are frequently cooked in order to remove the excess fat content that makes them greasy.

This extra fat content gives them a rather oily taste, but they are still considered lean meat by most health and nutrition experts. In fact, some even consider red meat as leaner because of the fat content

6 oz Chicken Breast contains how much protein?

Does it contains Complete Proteins?

Protein is essential in order to build strong muscles and the proper amount of protein helps maintain your body’s healthy function.

Lean meats are known to contain a lot less fat and calories than fatty ones.

Chicken breast certainly falls in this category. They are lean meat though not completely lean.

They have a little bit of volume that makes them seem slightly greasy.


When searching for protein sources, you will find that there are two basic types – animal-derived and plant-based.

Although many people may argue that milk is a complete protein, it is debatable. Animal-derived proteins include such things as cow’s milk, poultry, fish, cheese, soy, and others.

Plant-based proteins include such things as beans, nuts, green veggies, grains, and seeds.

Some proteins are complete, meaning that your body can readily use them for protein synthesis, whereas others are incomplete and by themselves cannot be fully utilized in protein synthesis.

Chicken Breast is indeed regarded as one of the best complete protein sources

protein alternatives to chicken breasts

Non-Veg Alternatives To Chicken Breast





Yellowfin Tuna


Turkey Breast

Veg Alternatives To Chicken Breast


cottage cheese

dried lentils

mixed nuts


 if you are not ready giving up your meat because of its High protein level, you can always use poultry, like turkeys or chicken of the eggs.

These types of poultry are lean meat and therefore provide a good amount of protein.

However, chicken breast is a great choice for many meals, especially chicken breasts with some added vegetables to it.

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