12 Best cable back exercises and workout routine for big back

12 Best cable back exercises and workout for big back

best cable back exercises working

Your back muscles are very important especially if you want to improve your physique. As you know, back muscles are the core of your body. Aside from improving your physique, your back muscles will serve as your support when you’re in extreme physical activities.

Here are some best cable back exercises and cable back workout

Reverse lat pull down

Reverse lat pull down

One of the best cable back exercises out there is the reverse lat pull down.

This is one exercise that you must include in your workout routine.

Not only does it add big muscle mass to your frame, but it also works all the muscles in your core including your lower back.

At the same time, it can also be performed as a finisher movement, since you can perform it more explosively as well. The right form here is absolutely critical because you want to maintain your back straight while you do these workouts.cable back exercises

Cable shrug

Cable shrug

In case you have never tried it, I’m going to teach you how to do Cable Shrugs properly and how to set them up so that they work the best for your body type.

There are many different ways to perform a cable shrug, but I’ll be showing you how to do them correctly.

I’ll also touch on some common mistakes people make when doing them. Take a look at the tips below and try them out, you just might like them.

In case you didn’t already know, a cable shrug is executed by extending the arms over the head, with the palms of the hands facing behind you (for right-handed people, the palms are facing outwards).cable back exercises

What makes this setup different than doing a normal cable shrug is that you’ll be setting it up differently so that it will be easier on your body and increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

What you want to do with your cable shrug setup is to create a shoulder elevation on top of your chest so that you get a better stretch.

What you’ll want to do next is to setup the cable attachment so that you’re using the weight of the upper body to pull the lower body into the traps and out of the extension of the arms.

By doing this, you’ll be creating a deeper shoulder lift which will be more effective because it forces the deltoids to extend and create a deeper, firmer grip.

Then, you’ll want to execute the standard cable shrug pattern – upper body back out, down low in the deltoid traps, and back to a standing position.cable back exercises

underhand lat pull down

underhand lat pull down

 This is one of my favorite exercises for developing a stronger, thicker core and functional strength and control in the lower back and across the midsection.

This exercise is often used in conjunction with squats and deadlifts to add another muscle group to your training arsenal.

Here are the mechanics of the lat pulldown and some basic information on how to do them correctly.

The setup for how to do a lat pulldown is very simple.

Your setup begins with your shins pulled towards the floor, your feet hips apart and flat on the floor.

Next, you must grip the bar at the handles with a light grip, say on a half guard.

Next, you will pull yourself up through the lats by bending your elbows and moving your hands up toward the ceiling pulling your shoulders toward the bar.

You’ll be using a light resistance to complete this setup and will likely be doing about 80 lbs. Per repetition.

Once you’ve set up, completed the full range of motion as described above, and squeezed the bar through the lats, you’ll then perform the underhand lat pulldown by simply pulling the bar down through your forearms and into your lower back.

This movement is made easier by locking out the bar with your elbows and pushing into the grip with your feet.

As you come up out of the standing position you should be roughly shoulder blade’s width apart from your hip.cable back exercises

This setup position is also called a full arm extension and is the foundation for many other lat pulldown variations that I’ll discuss later on in this series of instructional articles.

Focus on maintaining proper form throughout the entire movement and you’ll have no problems completing this exercise.

Two arm row

Two arm row

The seated cable row, also known as the “lats,” is a pulling exercise that targets the back muscles, especially the latissimus Dorsi. “Lats” You can also use your forearm muscles as well as your upper arm muscles.

The biceps, triceps and triceps act as dynamic stabilizers during this exercise. cable back exercises

The gluteus maximus and hamstrings are also important for stabilizing the exercise.

This is an exercise to build strength, not aerobic rowing. Although it is called a row, this is not the traditional rowing action you would use on an aerobic rowing machine. This is a functional exercise. You pull items towards your chest as many times as you can during the day.


To avoid injury and strain, learn to engage your abs while using your legs and keep your back straight. You can also use this straight back with your abs engaged in the squat or Deadlift exercises.

With your knees bent, place yourself on the platform and grab the cable attachment. The handle is usually a triangle, but it could also be a bar. With your knees bent, position yourself so that you can reach for the handle with your outstretched arms. Now you can row by bracing your abdominals.

  1. Move the handle and weight towards the lower abdomen, but don’t use the momentum by moving your torso backward with the arms.
  2. You should target the middle and upper back. Keep your back straight while you row.
  3. To stretch the handle, bring it forward and keep tension. Keep your hips flexed. You can repeat the exercise as many times as you wish.

Cross Body cable row

Cross Body cable row

There are a number of reasons why people would want to know how to do a Crossbody row.cable back exercises

The main reason is to build muscle strength and gain strength in your legs and back muscles at the same time.

This is especially beneficial for athletes who are looking for ways to add more power and explosive ability to their game. Some people start doing this exercise as a warm-up or a supplement to their workout routine.

Others are for beginners and don’t really even know what they are doing.

Regardless, of whether you are a beginner or an athlete, the proper technique when doing this exercise is of utmost importance.

Before you can learn how to do a Cross body row, you must start with the basic position. This is known as the starting position. Stand with your feet apart. Your arms should be at your sides with the elbows gently placed on the floor. Your knees should be bent and you should be aware of your body weight.


When standing, your upper body should be just below your left ear. Your shoulders and upper body should be parallel to the ground. Your lower body should be flat against the floor. Your knees should be slightly bent. Remember to always begin your reps by bending the waist and keeping your back straight.

Also, make sure that your chest is pointing towards the sky and not towards your trainer or other fellow athletes.


Next, you will want to grip the bar with your dominant hand and your non-dominant hand.

Your dominant hand should be on the left side, while your non-dominant hand is on the right side. The closer your body is to the floor the wider your stance should be.

Keep your legs straight and relaxed throughout the entire rep by allowing your legs to flex.


You should then move your legs in a circular motion around your body.

Make sure that you keep your back straight and don’t allow your shoulders to dip down.

Your arms shouldn’t move throughout the motion but you should allow them to remain locked.

Standing cable row

Standing cable row

How to do a standing rope cable row:

Step 1

Take the rope and hold it with both your hands. Then, lean back and let your arms spread out.

Step 2

To stabilize your spine, bend slightly at the waist and knees.

Step 3

The rope should be pulled into your midsection, just below your chest. Spread the handles as wide and long as you can while you pull the rope in.

Step 4

Place your shoulders together in the back.

Step 5: 

Let your arms back out. Repeat this one more time.

Close grip lat pull down

Close grip lat pull down

Lat pulldowns are exercises that are often done in weight rooms by bodybuilders.

You may have seen many bodybuilders doing this exercise on TV or in magazines.

In order for you to learn how to do close grip lat pulldown exercise, it would be better if you are going to take a look at this close-grip exercise manual.

This is the kind of workout that bodybuilders use in order for them to build muscles

The close grip lat pulldown should be done as slowly as possible.cable back exercises

When doing this exercise, make sure that your grip is tighter at the bottom of your pull-down bar.

At this point, the resistance is already being exerted and it would be easier for you to perform it.

It is recommended that you do not go too far above the resistance level.

When performing the close grip lat pull down, make sure that your palms are facing towards your feet when gripping the bar.

If you are a right-handed bodybuilder, then you’re left-handed teammate should have his or her hands facing towards the floor when gripping the bar.

Your elbows should also be parallel to the ground when doing the close grip.

Make sure that your elbows are pointing towards the sky when performing this exercise. This will maximize your grip strength.

As you do the close grip, make sure that you have your elbows locked in place and your shoulders squared with the bar.

Do not move your hands while performing the exercise. The closed grip will require the most amount of grip strength and so you must use all of your muscle groups when performing this exercise.

A close grip lat pulldown is one of the most compound exercises that you can do when working out.cable back workouts

This means that it provides a very good solution if you want to build body mass in your stomach area. With a little hard work and the proper grip, you can definitely pack some serious muscle on your frame.cable back workouts

Machine cable row

Machine cable row

When we start on how to use the Rowing machine for cardio, we’re basically setting up an exercise routine. This routine basically involves four different parts: resistance (weight), cardio sessions, recovery, and cool down.

When setting up your machine, it is important to remember that the rowing movements are meant for cardiovascular activities.

Therefore, it is wise to turn the rowing movements off while at rest.

Doing so will allow your heart to have time to relax and prepare for the next movement. If you want to focus on improving your endurance rather than losing weight, then it is advisable to use a slower setting, with low-impact cardio exercises.

With the addition of your regular workout, you can improve your overall health. Moreover, it is convenient to perform this exercise, cable back exercises

squat cable row

squat cable row

Grab a cable handle with each hand. Keep your distance from the cable machine to ensure that the slack doesn’t tighten. Keep your back straight and your core tight.

  • Keep your chest high and bend your knees to drive your hips forward. Standing straight up, pull the handles back and lead with your elbows. Then, tighten your back muscles and return the handles to their original position.
  • Continue.

Straight arm push down

Straight arm push down

The straight arm pushdown is basically a lat-abs dominant isolation exercise performed with a cable-pulley machine.

To do this exercise properly, you must make sure that your torso stays completely extended throughout the movement.

To test this, simply lean against a sturdy chair or bench and make sure that your torso does not bend down below your neck.cable back exercises

If it moves, then you have pulled your torso out of alignment.

If it remains perfectly straight, then you are performing the exercise correctly.

Ring pull ups

Ring pull ups
  1. Adjust the height of your gym rings to ensure that your feet do not touch the ground between repetitions.
  2. For the pull-up, stand under the rings. You can grip the rings with your hand in either an underhand or overhand position. Your grip is not limited to one position.
  3. Simply Dead hang from the rings with your arms straight, while your body remains vertical.
  4. Bend your arms and pull your chest towards the gymnastic rings. You should keep the movement slow, controlled, and smooth.
  5. Before you begin slowly lowering your body back down, pause for a second at the top.
  6. After you have been lowered to the hanging position, stop and go back to the beginning.


  • Keep your spine straight and your legs together during the exercise.
  • Reduce any rocking and swaying.
  • To strengthen your wrists, practice the false grip pull-up and prepare for the Muscle Up

Rotator cuff

Rotator cuff

To begin, lie on your back and focus on the movement.

Once you feel comfortable, stand up and apply a resistance band. cable back exercises

Keep your spine neutral, core tight, and shoulders away from the ears.

You will become stronger and achieve greater resistance as you progress.

Instructions: Place a resistance band (or a cable machine) at your belly button height. Standing sideways, grab the resistance band using your outside hand. 

Keep your elbow straight and your wrist in line with the anchor.

Next, lift the resistance band to the side by pressing your shoulder blade against your back. Continue to control the band and bring it back to its original position. Do 3 sets of 15 reps.

Cable back exercise workout


Reverse Lat Pull Down-10 Reps For 4 Sets

Seated Two-Arm Cable Row-12 Reps For 4 Sets

Cable Shrug- 15 Reps For 4 Sets

Straight Arm Push Down-15 Reps For 4 Sets

Cross Body Row-10 Reps For 3 Sets

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